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Expertly balanced

The Parthian is the perfect intermediate trailer. Slightly bigger than the Bowhunter, it is also suited for any sized vehicle, yet more robust. The perfect fit for a small family who wants to explore the outdoors.


•    Monocoque body made of 3CR12 stainless steel
•    Exterior grade epoxy polyester powder coating
•    Complete trailer seam sealed
•    Protective polyurethane underbody coating
•    1.6 ton braked axle
•    1.5 ton leaf spring with Gabriel shock absorber
•    KNOTT overrun brake with surge coupler
•    Jockey wheel
•    Tare: +/- 650kg (dependent on final specification)
•    GVM: 1600kg
•    245/75R15 tyres on 15” black steel rims
•    2x rear stabilizer legs
•    5x side doors, container type locking bars and hinges in            304 stainless steel
•    All doors with automotive door rubber seals
•    Carpeting in all doors (not nosecone)
•    Aluminium stone guards and aluminium drawbar plate
•    Fire extinguisher
•    Mud flaps



•    Aluminium roof rack
•    Aluminium nosecone with 80/20 compartment
•    Rear bumper and sparewheel bracket
•    80/20 Nosecone with vented gas compartment
•    Fridge slide for National Luna 60L fridge
•    Rear drawer 180mm deep on bearing slides
•    Rear base board on bearing slides
•    Stainless steel table and drop down table slide
•    Aluminium roof rack
•    Pumped water system with 136l tank volume
•    Hot water geyser
•    2500Kg axle upgrade
•    Special PCD on request
•    Dometic gas 2 burner stove
•    Canvas caddie set
•    Metalian tent
•    Metalian awning and awning pop up bracket
•    Metalian awning wallset
•    Metalian tent add-a-room
•    Electrical Option:
o    Victron BMV700 Shunt and monitor
o    Victron VE Smart MPPT Solar Regulator 75/15
o    Victron DC-DC Charger VE Smart Orion 24/12V 20A
o    Victron BlueSmart IP65 Charger 12V 15A
o    LiFePO4 Battery 105Ah with Bluetooth
o    4x Hella sockets
o    1x Brad Harrison socket
o    8x LEDs
o    12V umbilical for tow vehicle
•    Solar panel, 150W, fold-up (monocrystalline, ETFE surface)
•    Solar panel, 200W, fold-up (monocrystalline, ETFE surface)

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